RSS , Getting started

Will Richardson in his article Getting Started with RSS urged all to take up this great teaching tool.
RSS, short for Real Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary is seen being used more and more widely. Besides searching a site for an orange XML button for its feed, another more convenient way is to switch to the newly released Firefox browser (assuming you are using Internet Explorer). Whenever you surf to a site providing RSS feed, Firefox will indicate to you with an orange RSS tag at the right-hand bottom corner of the window.

Writing With Web Logs

Another interesting article that summarizes blogs and its advantages so well.
Particularly like this part:
Golub, who is also associate professor of English education at the University of South Florida, teaches future educators three central principles about encouraging student authorship: “Students will write when they have something to say, when they have an audience, and when they get feedback.”
Read the “The Challenge of Assessment” section if you need ideas on assessment.

Blogging and RSS

This article was published 10mths ago, shows how outdated we are. As mentioned by Will Richardson in his article,
For educators, the potential significance of RSS is huge. Think about how teachers and districts could use this syndication process to communicate with students, parents, newspapers, etc. In the classroom, teachers who have students create their own Weblogs can easily keep tabs on what those students are posting by subscribing to their students’ feeds and simply checking their aggregators regularly.
RSS feed’s potential is something which we would defintely want to explore for use in education.