good examples of student(s) blogging?

saw this in another feed, Will’s looking for good examples of student blogs in the classroom, with blogging as defined by “writing that has “Links with analysis and synthesis that articulates a deeper understanding or relationship to the content being linked [to] and written [about] with potential audience response in mind.”
read the post and the many useful feedback which fellow teachers/educators have left under Will’s post.
if you happen to have some good examples to share, you can leave your comments with Will’s post for all the share too 🙂

Find out more about edublogging

gk was looking for examples on how teachers are using blogs, so i directed her to TWO google search for and both founded and owned by James Farmer.
here’s the first search and here’s the second search link for google.
and shared with her my all-time-favourite movie clip featuring Richardson and his students 🙂
it’s been such a long while since i came back to something related to blogging :O

Are you on the (edu)blogging bandwagon yet?

As the Seattle Times reported, “Teachers are reaching out to students with a new class of blogs.”
As highlighted in the report, teachers use blogs in different ways (as compared to personal blogs or political blogs perhaps?), the most common approach is “students post written responses to a teacher’s query.”
As cited in the article, looking at reasons for using blogs, allowing students to read and comment on each other’s posts results in “the work becomes a conversation instead of a one-way delivery of information,” said Warlick; “Some students who might be reluctant to join a classroom discussion could feel more free to participate online,” said Muller.
And more quotes within the report from the “horses’ mouth”, “I like blogs because you get to share a creative idea with the world,” noted one. “I think I’m a better writer because of my blog,” commented another. Added one: “I think that other kids should blog because it’s fun and it really helps you learn more and more.”
am sure teachers who have tried blogging with their students will find the above quotes very familiar 🙂