4th Edublog Workshop (@10th TecXplorers Gathering)

Yesterday’s workshop went well, thanks to all the support rendered by fellow colleagues, and also not to forget the teachers participants. Have yet to look through the feedback forms, but do hope that teachers have some useful takeaways on this first morning of the one week break.
Thanks for all the time taken to fill up the yellow activity sheet. Will be posting the findings to this blog after collation. As promised, the URLs to the slide and handouts:
1. Presetation slides by Edublog.NET (ppt)
2. Blogger.com HOWTO (zip)
3. Bloglines.com HOWTO (zip)
4. SingTel Moblog.com Intro and Guide (pdf)
If you would like to setup your home computer systems with the free built-in WinXP Chinese Language Input Method Editor, you may grab the user guide here.
In the meantime, if you would like to seek support in implementation of blogs in your classroom or your school, feel free to drop us an email at hpinit2@edublog.net

In preparation … 4th Edublog Workshop

Looking back, havent been posting for the past almost 1 week, well, have been busy with the many meetings, but most importantly, the upcoming 4th Edublog Workshop cum 10th TecXplorers Gathering.
Our host this time will be Zhonghua Sec located in Serangoon and the school has a very nice and conducive environment for our workshop/gathering. Accounting the things that are needed in the mind… hmm…almost ready…except one last activity sheet…
Ok, looking forward to meeting so many teachers (abt 80 expected/so far), and onwards to another round of blogvangelism!

3rd Edublog Workshop – Collated Inputs and Feedback

We have finally collated the inputs from teachers who have attended our workshop at Nan Chiau last week. Download it here.
The report is available in 2 flavours, one in standard word format while the other is in graphical mindmap format.
Please feel free to distribute and share the findings with your fellow colleagues 🙂
Hope to hear from you soon on your plans for implementation! Cheers!

3rd Edublog Workshop

This afternoon at Nan Chiau High Sch Computer Lab 4, we have a group of 21 enthusiastic teachers with us to learn more about blogs. During the 2.5 hours (1430-1700) session, we have had an overview of edublogs, bloglines, as well as a quick discussion on how they believe blogs can be integrated into their teaching and learning.
Here are some photos of the day:

The results from the activity sheet will be collated and posted shortly for all to share. In the meantime, happy planning and exploring of blogs in your classroom!
As mentioned, these documents are available for download:
1. Presentation slides (ppt)
2. Blogger.com step-by-step howto (zip)
3. Bloglines.com ste-by-step howto (zip)
4. Windows IME 3.0 CL input step-by-step guide (for CL teachers who would like to print the guide for students for their installation at home)

Edublog Sharing with DDMers

Thanks to Seng Chee for allowing me to share at his class in NIE this afternoon. Was warmly greeted by the HOD ITs who were attending their DDM course. Quite a number of these fellow teachers have heard of blogs and one of the teachers had allowed his students to use blog for their weekly journals.
A few concerns were raised during the sharing, which included copyright, vulgarity issues. Really glad these were brought up as I am sure these are common concerns by many of us. Thanks to the active questioning, as well as contribution of ideas by the wonderful audience, have managed to prevent a boring workshop 🙂
Weiying was with me and she had helped me advertised on the upcoming Edublog Workshop to be held at Nan Chiau High School on 2nd Feb, 1430hr. Almost forgotten about this. Truly hope some of the teachers belonging to the HODs’ schools can make it to the workshop too.
For those who may be interested, the ppt slides used during the workshop can be found here. A step-by-step HOWTO to account creation in blogger.com is available here too.
Another round of blogvangelism completed, cheers!