yesterday afternoon was invited by 玉云 to engage 6 CL teachers from 4 schools in conversation. the original proposal was to discuss learning design around iMTL 2.0 (official name: 增强版乐学善用平台). however, i counter-proposed to conduct a conversation on 《华文、学习、科技》 first, much like the sessions i did with YCKPS CL teachers. 理由很简单,动作是建立在理解之上;尤其是在协作的环境内,对于事物的共同理解和认识更是重要。 otherwise, who knows your apple is my orange? we may be using the same term but we actually meant different things. sounds familiar? all too familiar.

here’s our group of 有缘人 who have gathered at Fuhua Sec 辅华中学 (:


and here’s the reification of our discourse:

had a quick dipstick of their conceptions of CL、Learning、ICT prior to our conversation. thank you google forms (:
will look at the ‘post-test’ to compare the shift in conceptions, if any, later.

a quick remark at the end of the session by 许薇 is going to stay with me for a long time to come “今天聊完之后,我终于弄清楚一些概念。之前总是捉摸不清。” it was too quick, and time was short; we’ll need to see if there’s opportunities to dig deeper to hear the richness and significance of those few words (:

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