pre-12592 note

the next round of Studio 12592 is planned to start on 18/1 (Wed). this year, two of our fellow learners/comrades are taking leave from work to go overseas, effectively reducing the active group by 50%. the statistically significant reduction in number creates the possibility of not enough minimum number to get the course running. tried to get new learners on-board whilst fully appreciate the madness in school (esp. Jan and CNY’s round the corner; getting later dismissal times; not getting less CCAs). shall see if we have enough 有缘人 this time round (: #不是没有心学习 #challengeOfTeachers #challengeOfFacilitator

2017 New Year Fireworks at Marina Bay; creative take

update 10/1

my course is CANCELLED administratively cos at ‘deadline’ i have but only 1-2 registrations. traisi/ast side’s SOP stops accepting registration 2(?) weeks before a course starts. the school just re-opened for a 4-day week. if teachers have submitted their application, the ROs may not have had the chance to approved the application. and if communications’ needed in-between application and approval, this would have delayed the application process. have feedback to dean/curriculum to ask if the SOP can be reviewed for courses starting in early/mid-january.)

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