2016 is here

another year has passed, and 2016 is here. managed to grab 2 clean shots as the clock stroke 1200am. shared the purple-greenish one on fb, and uploading the other here:


looks like CNY came early from this shot. wishing one and all a Healthy and Blissful 2016, 平安喜乐 (:

2 Replies to “2016 is here”

  1. Hello TYH,
    Thank you for your post about the Kindle Chinese Dictionary. Do you know of any dictionary that can display both the English meaning and the pinyin? I have 2 dictionaries now, and one shows the English meaning, but no pinyin, and the other shows Chinese meaning, but with pinyin.

    Thanks for your help.

    1. hi Calvin, sorry for the late reply. that is indeed a limitation while reading. if we do a search in《现代汉英词典》directly, we can highlight any Chinese characters used in the text to turn up the pinyin for it. how could we let them know this need so that they could integrate the function in future version #iwonder **hmm**

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