永别了。再次由衷献上无限的敬意与感激——谢谢您李光耀先生。 #rememberingMrLKY


today at 0318hr marks our Founding Father’s 与世长辞。 空气中飘荡着一股哀伤。perhaps only Singaporeans, like me, who are born and grown up in this place all their lives could feel it better. one could find facts and tributes on the Remembering (Mr) Lee Kuan Yew fb page, or RememberingLeeKuanYew dot SG.




Amitābha 阿弥陀佛。

maximising network file transfer speed

on a 1Gbps LAN, the theoretical transfer speed is 1024/8=128MB/s. but my experience of copying files between PCs and/or NAS through LAN is in the range of Kb/s or a few MB/s, an extremely far cry from the theoretical speed. my guess is that the limitation is in the software or OS. did a quick search on how to improve network transfer speed, many “solutions” out there, but the tip from howtosolutions.net appears to effect some improvement in speed:

1. Disable LSO (Large Send Offload) found in Advanced settings of network card in Windows Device Manager.

2. Enable and maximise the value of “Jumbo Packet” in Advanced settings (this is found in the comments within the above post)

works on physical LAN. not sure if it works for WiFi connections though.

SG50 heart-shaped logo

was looking around for a SG50 heart-shaped logo, but only found the red circle, and the heart map. so decided to ‘combine’ the two, and here you go, my little ‘creation/contribution’ for/to our celebration (: