voice transcription software

it’s been a while since i needed this. a search quickly turns up Express Scribe Transcription from NCH. installed and tried using it. but found its Play with Stopping function’s not good enough for my poor memory.

hunted for a much older software, and found the good old VoiceWalker. there’s 2 versions, according to Department of Linguistics, University of California, Santa Barbara. you can download version 2 or version 1 from the local mirror. but i think i have been using version 2 all along.


simply love and cant do without the Walk (F5) and Looping function.

the only catch is, VoiceWalker only supports wav; mp3 is a no go. but fret not, just download dvdvideosoft’s Free audio converter will do.

another thing to note is the file size of .wav. i just witnessed a 134mb mp3 converted into a whopping 984 wav. that’s not too environmentally friendly 😛

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