padfone 2 station touch insensitive problem

lately my padfone 2 station appears insensitive to touch on the screen. it doesnt accept functions like “hold” which is needed to activate alternate character on the touch keyboard for example, and pinch to resize is also non-responsive. a search on the internet finally landed me on the solution shared in the padfone club. but the solution isnt available quickly through a search. perhaps not many pple have this problem, yet.

the solution to the problem is quite simple. it’s a software issue. a recalibration of the padfone 2 station is required. this can be done by downloading the software from asus support website. look for:

padfone 2 –> OS: Android –> Utilities –> Padfone2 Station Calibration Tool

you may need to download an RAR archive extractor to extract the apk file. plug in your padfone 2 to the station, run the apk (you’ll need to enable “Unknown Sources” software to run option found in Settings –> Security).

and it worked for me, and i hope it works for you too (:

new pedagogy for 21C

if the current school system was organised for the Industrial Age, and school’s killing creativity, where should schools be going? (:

2013 TED Prize winner Sugata Mitra, who founded the “Hole in the Wall” experiments, has proposed a new pedagogy during his recent TED talk.

the new pedagogy is simple and almost unbelievable. it’s: say, “I haven’t the foggiest idea” followed by “I am going away.” and leave the learners on their own to self-organise. how much further can you go in SDL than this? (: