an insightful sharing of personal experience of the flipped classroom

the idea of flipped classroom(s) has gained attention in the recent 1-2 year or so. in her blog post “The Flip: End of a Love Affair“, Shelly Wright shared her flipping experiment and why she gave up flipped instruction. at one glance, it appears that the idea of flipped classroom doesnt work, but in fact as Shelly shared in her experience, the experiment worked out so well that her class has moved beyond the usual conception of a flipped classroom. not sure how many teachers would be as excited as me in learning how things had worked out and evolved. one thing i’m quite sure is Shelly plays a key role in this evolvement. imagine, a teacher who only asks students to watch videos at home, and babysit students in class to do their homework and act as a tutor if help is needed doesnt appear to be the way a flipped classroom will work out imho.

one of her ending statements serves as food for thought too:

“I’ve learned that inquiry & PBL learning can be incredibly powerful in the hands of students. I would never teach any other way again.”


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