education has a long tail …

this is the second/third time that i was locked out of the new SOEasy (to be locked out), and it’s 1hr now and the password reset isnt here. so thought i could take 3 mins to drop this note into the storeroom.

“education has a long tail. you never know when it will get back to you. it may be a good stroke or it can be a hit ”

… this quotation came from a course trainer, whose course yh2 attended. great wisdom in those words, 真知灼见。 we’ll not see the immediate effects of our education have on our young ones. it could be 20-30yrs down the road that one SEES them. it’s 46 yrs since 1965. look around for it’s abt time for us to see some effects of the policies implemented over the years.

lately we’ve seen the power of web2.0 (or social media, the “IN” term) in both GE2011 and PE2011. it’ll be interesting to see which way the long tail will sway, say the year 2040-50, when C2015 has equipped our students with the 21st Century Competencies, and it’s time for some, if not all, of our students to become “Self-directed, Confident & Concerned Citizens and Active Contributors”.

就让我们相约30年后,我们拭目以待吧 (:

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