musing …

was reading a doc and saw this in the concluding portion:

“Vasyrkvoyr pheevphyhz @aq z@grev@yf”
“Pbafge@vagf bs ybtvfgvpf, gvzr g@oyrf, @aq yr@eavat fc@prf”
“Y@px bs gbbyf sbe @ffrffzrag/zbavgbevat/srrqo@px sbe gr@puref gb rssrpgviryl zr@fher kkk”
“Trare@y t@c bs ubj kkk ybbxf yvxr sbe @ y@etr e@atr bs fhowrpg @er@f.”

.. @aq y@fg ohg abg yr@fg
“Fpubby‐jvqr phyghe@y @aq flfgrz pu@atr g@xrf gvzr.”

how interesting (:

Two new books published for teachers!

(cross posting my 3-mths old post in The ICT Connection Happenings blog, which is opened to ‘members’ only)

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It’s been 1 year since the launch of The ICT Connection portal. Part of our objectives is to deepen the common understanding of the multifaceted concepts of mp3. In-line with this objective, we have worked over the past many months with the NIE professors. And today, we are pleased to share with you that two new books are now available for download through this portal.


The first book is titled “Self-Directed Learning with ICT: Theory, Practice and Assessment (By Tan Seng Chee et al.)


And the second book is “Advancing Collaborative Learning with ICT: Conception, Cases and Design (By Chai Ching Sing et al.)

With these two newly written books, one touching on SDL, and the other on CoL, we hope educators in schools will benefit from reading them as much as we do. Enjoy! (:

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LK has also a post on the two books here (:

New education minister tells teachers to ‘take a break’ during June holidays

and that’s a headline off The New Paper via asiaone yesterday.

“referring to retired teachers?”
“just finished 1 week of remedials, plus training the whole of today (my remedial students were still here!), now stressing out over overseas trip with students tmr”
“still trying to clear admin work this June plus …”

these are some of the (adapted) comments that i’ve collected via my fb thread. and this is my share of peeve:

wife’s P just took away 10-20 key personnels’ families’ weekend today! there’s 20 weekdays, and only 4 weekend Saturdays, why must he choose the 1 out of 4 to do RETREAT (and it’s by no means a treat)?!? if a leader prioritises work as everything in his/her live, the subordinates have to be no live as well?

“it takes some political wills to right things” said a colleague during lunch yesterday when we discussed this piece of news. such “high-handed way” is definitely not welcome by most (and it probably will affect popularity), but personally i think it is the single MOST effective way. cos by making 360 Ps (most likely lesser cos there are still many Ps with live) unhappy, 33000 teachers will be happy! let’s see when the decree of “all schools MUST BE CLOSED on Saturdays and Sundays” … “no BUTS. when there’s a will there’s a way. 有志者事竟成”. yes i hear boo-ing voices out there, but i’m one who’s hopeful, as always (: