The ICT Connection, Launched!

after near 7 months of work, from conceptualising to engaging vendor to put things together in machine-understandable language for human-comprehensible output, The ICT Connection was finally launched last week at the iCTLT 2010. let’s not think abt the work ahead for a while 😛 cos in actual fact, the real work of populating the portal with ICT lesson examples has just started. here’s the video of the launch scene, and the launch animation to mark the moment 🙂

through The ICT Connection, we hope teachers will be able to learn about ict pedagogies that can enrich and transform the learning environment of our students. teachers can also find ict lesson examples created for teachers by teachers, which integrate pedagogy and technology to cultivate self-directed (SDL) and collaborative (CoL) learners. all teachers are welcome to make use of these ideas and also share their ict-based lessons with fellow teachers.

as part of the on-going promotion of the portal, “do visit us today ;)” *hehe*

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