ShiJie HanYu JiaoXue, the long awaited

today i received in my SNAIL mailbox FOUR copies of 《世界汉语教学》 (Chinese Teaching in the World). the journey of getting our article 《以元认知为主导信息科技为辅的口语教学模式探索》 (A Metacognitive and Information Technology Integrated Approach to Teaching Speaking in Chinese Language) has been a long one. it was first submitted in march 2008, after 2 reviews, it’s finally published! my first attempt at getting an article published in an international recognised blind-refereed journal (:

the article is an abridged version of my MA research, so if you would like to find out more, i would suggest you go here 🙂

Tan, Y.H., Tan S.C., & Teo, E.H. (2009). A metacognitive and information technology integrated approach to teaching speaking in Chinese language. Chinese Teaching in the World, 23(4), 519-534.

陈育焕、陈成志、张永慧. 以元认知为主导信息科技为辅的口语教学模式探索 [J]. 世界汉语教学, 2009, 23(4), 519-534.

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