Windows 7 – pricing, releasing date, trial

windows 7 is micro$oft’s next release of operating system set to replace vista. according to bbc news, windows 7 is set to be released on Oct 22, 2009, and in UK, it’ll cost £79.99 for an upgrade version.
if you would like try it for free, grab the release candidate by end July 09. it’s recommended NOT to install on a system that you’re using currently using for work/play/study. i’ve tried installing it on a kohjinsha sh, and it’s running OK, except the cpu is not fast enough so you’ll need some patience for things to load. but it’s installable, runable and usable, quite surprised (:
and btw, the worldwide upgrade option programme is due to begin only on 26 June, which means those pple who bought their computers some two weeks ago at pc show missed their free upgrade chance? hmm … …