TPCK – Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge

this is one thing that’s related to my work since my return to work on 20090401.
TPCK (read “TPACK”), stands for “Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge”, just to quote “(it is a) complex, multifaceted and situated form of knowledge” (Mishra & Koehler, 2006, 1017)”.


very briefly, when we reflect upon the time when we use ICT in our classroom, teachers are applying techonological knowledge of the watever tools u might choose to see how best the affordances can be used to as part of your carrying out of lesson (the pedagogical knowledge) on your intended lesson and its outcomes/objectvies (the content knowledge). and these three types of knowledge are not standalone but overlaps with each other. so for e.g. your pedagogical knowledge will not be wat it used to be as it has now evolved to include ICT; likewise the use of an ICT may not be wat it is originally designed to (“repurposing”). Yes, TPCK is not a new idea, and if you’re interested to get a better understanding of this, here’s some resources:
1. a MUST WATCH webinar by Mishra & Koehler (i found this very useful link from tucksoon’s blog, thank you 🙂
2. notes taken by Wesley Fryer during the keynote presentation at CITE2007 by Mishra & Koehler
3. maintained by Mishra & Koehler
4. related reading list on