an adventure that no one will miss

24.00 hrs ago, yh4 climbed up a chair and spinned while sitting and down the floor he went, head first!
23.45 hrs ago, a corner has appeared on the head like never before; icing does not quite help
23.50 hrs ago, we preped a barang-barang and catch a cab to take us to Children’s Hospital of Fudan University.
23.00 hrs ago, we saw a bone specialist (aka “外科医生”) and he suggested for yh4 to do a CT scan.
22.45hrs ago, yh4 took a jab that’s supposed to send him to nap so that he can do the scan; alas, the CT scan has to be taken at Zhong Shan Hospital 10 mins away. and to return to CHFU after that with the film. *duh*
22.50 hrs ago, we reached ZSH, paid up to get ready for the scan. only one problem left, yh4 is still wide awake and playing away.
22.30 hrs ago, yh4 is still wide awake.
22.00 hrs ago, yh4 is still wide awake.
21.30 hrs ago, yh4 is still awake; yh3 has fallen asleep.
21.00 hrs ago, yh4 is still awake. we make our way back to CHFU for doctor to advise on the situation.
20.45 hrs ago, we were back at CHFU, and doctor is down in an operation. he advised to wait for yh4 to sleep then proceed for the scan.
20.30 hrs ago, yh4 is still awake.
20.15 hrs ago, yh4 is still awake.
20.00 hrs ago, yh4 is still awake.
19.45 hrs ago, yh4 finally fell asleep, and yh2 brought him back to ZSH while yh1 stayed back to look after yh3.
19.00 hrs ago, yh2 is back with the scan. mission accomplished. doctor still in OT.
18.30 hrs ago, doctor’s finally back to examine the scanned image. yh4’s lucky to have not suffered any serious damage from the fall. we were asked to come home and monitor yh4’s condition for the next 3 days.
18.00 hrs ago, we were back home, carrying both yh3 n yh4 asleep in our arms.
17.30 hrs ago, settled everything and finally it’s our turn to sleep.
here’s a few pictures taken today, 1 in the afternoon to show the injury, 2 after dinner to show yh4 playing with the CT scan, and a closeup of the damage from the fall.
what an adventure, one that yh1 n yh2 will not miss; yh4 seems to forget abt the “痛痛”and was jumping up and down like before. wat to do, that’s children huh?