On videoblogging

Well, videoblogging (or vlog) is slowly taking its place in the family of blogs. Until we solve the problem of bandwidth and video equipments, using vlog in our classroom would not be as pervasive as we would like to. In the meantime, some links/resources for those who would like to explore vlog:
If you would like to start viewing/subscribing to some vlogs, Mefeedia is where you can find thousands of videobloggers (video podcasts), and subscribe to their feeds to watch independent videos in the browser, or even on your video iPod or on your PSP.
Besides Mefeedia, if you are monitoring updates in some vlogs, get FireANT. It is a RSS reader for vlogs, featuring automatic downloads and many other features.
If you want to start your own videoblog today (for free), check out Freevlog, a step-by-step guide to setting up a videoblog for free.
Last but not least, if you would like to just READ more about vlog, download this article entitled “7 Things You Should Know About Videoblogging” by EDUCAUSE. It’s only a 73KB PDF! 🙂