Strategies for Educational Blogs

This is a paper presented by Dr Soo Wai Mun at the Educational Research Association of Singapore Conference 2004. The abstract:

Blogs are online journals that individuals publish on the Internet to reflect on mundane as well as serious issues of heart and mind. Like many email services, blogs are now freely available and form another communication channel for the Internet community. From outpours of individual tantrums to academic discourse of the Harvard Law School, blogs have proliferated far and wide. It is not surprising that blogging is becoming an instructional strategy for education.
This paper presents an overview of blogging, and relates it to practical educational applications. It highlights instructional strategies that enhance blogging as tool for teaching and learning. A case study where these strategies are applied is presented to
reflect on its strengths and weaknesses.

Teachers may find the sections on “Applying instructional strategies for blogging” and “Creating qualitative assessment rubrics for blogs” applicable to our teaching and learning tasks.
Dr Soo has kindly gave his consent to make available the paper for download. Download the paper here 🙂