Documents for 10th Edublog Workshop

Thanks for all the feedback given, it’s a great learning experience for me to hear from all of you 🙂
Just to recap on the things that we have done:
Part 1: Overview and hands on
This is the part we spent quite some time on and many of us were able to follow. is but one of the many freely available platform to create a blog.
Part 2: RSS and is an online RSS reader that can assist us in monitoring updates in blogs. (Note: this is not blog creation)
Due to time constraint and the design of the authentication process, a hands-on wasnt qutie possible. Do try to follow the user guide and you should be able to setup an account.
For a start, you can try to subscribe to the blog that you have created on Friday. Post something new, and see it being ‘highlighted’ in bloglines. That should give you a feel of how it works.
Last but not least, here’s the softcopies of the presentation and documentations:
1. Presentation slides
Hope you’ll find blogging a useful tool, cheers 🙂