MS-Powerpoint slides on Overview of (Edu)blogs

Just compiled some slides for use if there is a need to present a quick overview of blogs and edublogs (blogs in education).
If you need the presentation, grab it here.
If you want to distribute it as handouts, grab the pdf file here.
Feel free to modify for your own needs 😉

2 Replies to “MS-Powerpoint slides on Overview of (Edu)blogs”

  1. My blog url is : allaboutdurian. I posted my comments about why D24 durian is called D24 but not 25 🙂
    I like your course, simple, straight forward and easy to understand 😉

  2. My url is
    The first part was very useful especially since there was a hands-on session. Thank you.
    The session after the break was a little hazy – I suppose we need to practise.
    I do see great potential in using the blog for self-expression.

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