Smallest TPC to-date

Cool stuff! This TPC released by Motion Computing is really becoming a “handleable” size. I have always find the present TPCs still too big for portability. Cant wait to get my hands on one of these to experience the size, but likely have to wait quite a (long) while 😐

One Reply to “Smallest TPC to-date”

  1. there’s the trade-off between portability and viewable (usable) size. some would argue that a smaller tpc means less usability, cos we’ll all have to squint at our screens, or do endless scrolling in all 4 directions. ;p of cos we can always tailor programs to fit the tpc, but that’ll reduce compatibility with other platforms, something possible not so desirable.
    personally, i already find my tc1100 too small. if anyone wants to trade a fujitsu t4010, or even better, a st5020, i’ll jump on the offer. ;p

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