Hear the expert says about blogs

Yet another piece of info from Will R.’s post.
It’s about Laura J. Gurak, a scholar in rhetoric and Internet research from the University of Minnesota, speaking on the Internet as a communication technology and its implications on writing for this current generation of college students. Read more on what the expert has to say.

Blog templates

You may locate blog templates (aka blog skins) from these sites:

Meet the Author – thru Blog !

Read this off Will R.’s post. How exciting!
Instead of waiting for a chance to meet an renowned author (which may never come) f2f just to ask 1 or 2 question, or in the case of answering one to one through email, the author is able to answer queries for all to see simply by posting the questions and answering them thru a blog and its commenting feature!
Take a look at the blog and I am sure you will also be attracted by the 144 comments to a post just like I do. Cant help being more and more excited after reading comments after comments 🙂