RSS , Getting started

Will Richardson in his article Getting Started with RSS urged all to take up this great teaching tool.
RSS, short for Real Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary is seen being used more and more widely. Besides searching a site for an orange XML button for its feed, another more convenient way is to switch to the newly released Firefox browser (assuming you are using Internet Explorer). Whenever you surf to a site providing RSS feed, Firefox will indicate to you with an orange RSS tag at the right-hand bottom corner of the window.

Webnote – Online Note-taking Tool

Another online tool that allows you to instantly cut-n-paste any information from anywhere (www, working documnets etc). As pointed out by Will Richardson in his article, it is a great collaborative tool!
Some features:
1. Anytime, anywhere, anyone (who knows the name or url)
2. Hassle free: No username, no password to remember!
2. Notes can be saved and retrieved in future.
3. Get notified of new notes posted thru RSS feeds
Take a look at my sample note or create your own now! 🙂