In-house Edublog Workshop@Beatty Library Instruction Rm

Conducted an in-house training originally for our own CL teachers, and a few other teachers also joined in the exploration. In attendance we have Mdm Tan HK, Mdm Ho FL, Mdm Zhong Qian, Ms Tan TL, Mr Wen Jie, Ms Loo KW, Ms Susanna Pua, Ms Adel Ong, Mdm Goh LS and Mr Chua KS.
Spent abt 3 hrs covering the various aspects of Shld hav introduced the basics, and further explorations can be carried out individually. Bloglines have also been left for self-exploration 🙂

Showcase –>
Mdm Tan HK :
Mdm Ho FL :
Mdm Zhong Qian :
Ms Tan TL :
Mr Wen Jie :
Ms Loo KW :
Ms Susanna Pua :
Ms Adel Ong :
Mdm Goh LS :
Mr Chua KS :

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