Discussion of Blog in C-SPAN TV Programme

In his post, Craig Nansen has kindly extracted for us some of the more interesting comments by experts with regards to the use of blog in education.
Some of the questions addressed are:
“What advantage do blogs have over more traditional forms of information gathering?”
“What guidelines will be put into place to make sure blogs are rich in content and are worth reading?”
“How do you feel the field of education may be changing because of blogging?”

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Blog for Education Workshop (HPINIT2)

I have just sent out an email to invite fellow teachers to join us in the above workshop. Looking forward to the get-together on the 1st Dec to explore the possibilities of blogs 🙂
Venue/Time: Beatty Sec/0900hr

Trainee Teachers’ Blogs

Thanks voyager for citing us in your voyeurism 🙂
I am actually most interested in his links to his students’ blogs.
Take a look at them, my guess is they are a class of trainee teachers and voyager is their mentor/tutor who has asked them to blog their feedback to their peer’s micro-teaching. Great example of edublog for peer evaluation and knowlege sharing/construction.
Here are a few blogs I pick at random to browse through:
e-man’s e-blog
KelvinYew Entries
My Geog Blog