Meet the Author – thru Blog !

Read this off Will R.’s post. How exciting!
Instead of waiting for a chance to meet an renowned author (which may never come) f2f just to ask 1 or 2 question, or in the case of answering one to one through email, the author is able to answer queries for all to see simply by posting the questions and answering them thru a blog and its commenting feature!
Take a look at the blog and I am sure you will also be attracted by the 144 comments to a post just like I do. Cant help being more and more excited after reading comments after comments 🙂

Discussion of Blog in C-SPAN TV Programme

In his post, Craig Nansen has kindly extracted for us some of the more interesting comments by experts with regards to the use of blog in education.
Some of the questions addressed are:
“What advantage do blogs have over more traditional forms of information gathering?”
“What guidelines will be put into place to make sure blogs are rich in content and are worth reading?”
“How do you feel the field of education may be changing because of blogging?”

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