word recognition n memorisation

chanced upon cram.com from a mailing list:


two games for any singe list. a taste of it:

time will be sucked away by the games, but this could probably be time well-spent to recall and revise any characters set that a teacher desires a student to learn. yet to collect empirical evidence to proof that it works 😛

deADlicious, another service entering history

saw this piece of news in a tweet, del.icio.us, a social bookmarking site will be closed down. most likely not profit/revenue generating for yahoo? 😛

edudemic.com has provided 5 alternatives in their posting for exploration while saying bye-bye to my acct. i wonder how many of our teachers have been using this service *hmm*

[acknowledgment of graphics source: http://edudemic.com/2010/12/delciious-bye-bye/]

eVideo – My foreigner neighbour

it’s been a while since i last visited eMedia, and am glad i did, cos i chanced upon this:

the video has four parts. viewing it, you can learn about food (民以食为天!), culture, values and beliefs of the Thai 泰, Burmese 缅, Japanese 日, and Filipino 菲. Chinese subtitles’ included for this video as this is a resource for use by P5 CL teachers (: