Blogs and ePortfolios and Assessment: Thinking Out Loud

Barbara Ganley blogged on the above topic. the “A” word is always something that is at the back of our mind. if you are already using blogs/eportfolios, i’m sure u would have thot of the “A” issue; if you are abt to use blogs/eportfolio, u would be thinking of how i’m going to “A” the students. hmm.. check out Barbara Ganley’s post.

Handbook of Research on ePortfolios

The Handbook of Research on ePortfolios is the single source for comprehensive coverage of the major themes of ePortfolios, addressing all of the major issues, from concept to technology to implementation.
The book will be released only in May 06. Can take time to request for budget if you are into ePortfolios and intend to buy a copy. It’s not cheap though, US$195.00 *wow*

[source: Elgg]

Recognising Learning: Educational and pedagogic issues in e-Portfolios

Graham Attwell shared the abovementioned paper which he is going to present at a conference.

The paper, entitled Recognising Learning: Educational and pedagogic issues in e-Portfolios, is based on developing and implementing e-portfolios in three different European projects. It is argued that insufficient attention has been paid to the pedagogy of e-portfolio development and that existing applications and implementations tend to be overly dominated by the requirements of assessment. The paper looks at the different pedagogic processes involved in the development of an e-portfolio. It considers the competences required for developing and maintaining an e-portfolio. The final section considers the challenges in developing e-portfolio applications.