after 10 years …

… of “无官一身轻”, i am now an RO again! to only 1 colleague (: any difference 10 yrs before, and 10 yrs later? i would think so. i would treat my “reportee” as a co-learner more than ever before. i hope i would learn and grow as much as she would learn and grow in the time that we work together, and with/from the pple that we will be working with.


雁妮 after her self-introduction at our “contact time”.

惜缘 (:

CNY’s round the corner

转眼又要过年了。当然严格说来立春已过,所以我们已进入乙未羊年了。明天就是除夕了。而今天傍晚开信箱时看见了一份意外的惊喜 *faint*

150217-sihui cny card

十分感谢斯惠在百忙中还亲手为我设计并绘制了极富“羊”气息的贺年片 **faint**

期盼下星期六初十学生来家里团聚时再当面道谢 ***faint***

今年原来只寄出三张贺年片,现在可以加多一张了 ****faint****

祝愿所有朋友在新的一年里“身体健康,万事如意,福慧增长” (:

(p.s. sihui told me the story of “蛇鼠一窝” the other day when she saw this *****faint*****)