Culture Bridge 文化桥, revamped!

it’s been another long while since there’s any update to this blog, and today marks a day worth celebrating — the long-awaited (albeit 6 months delay) revamped version of Culture Bridge is officially launched. Culture Bridge (aka 文化桥) has been the babies of multiple webmasters, and i believe the current webmaster Tan Ying 丹盈 (and 凤琳、自金 as well) must have been through a great deal of efforts to get this revamped version go live. thank you for taking over the work and giving the Bridge a new breath of life 🙂
am regretted for not being able to contribute to new content much as we wished to as our current “full-time parents, part-time student” portfolio is unexpectedly overwhelming. however, i shall end this post with another great news for the future development of Culture Bridge, as on this very same day, Adobe has announced that it’ll release codes needed to search engine developers to make Flash content indexable! yes, until now the Flash-based Bridge has remained a ‘void’ to the web spiders, so what better news can there be 🙂