Microsoft Surface

amos showed this to me, heard of it some time back but din really checked it out. it’s very much like a super big tablet with enhanced functionality. not too sure about “child-proofness” though, but am quite sure yh juniors will love this Surface very much 😛

iPhone iphone

haven had the chance to get my hands on one of this, so in the meantime, this should suffice:
How the iPhone Works” from Howstuffworks 😛
some interesting things (i thot it was interesting):
– (the screen) can also detect multiple touch points simultaneously, which many existing touch-screens cannot do.
– (again abt the screen) the iPhone works only if you touch it with your fingertip — it won’t work if you use a stylus or wear non-conductive gloves.
– the front surface of the Apple iPhone has only one button — the Home button
– the shape of the screen changes when you need it to … shift the perspective from vertical to horizontal by tilting the phone (through) an accelerometer inside the iPhone …
– lacks 3G capability for high-speed data transfer

Sound for share and sound hunting

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