Sharing at ICCE 2005

Today’s the first day of the 13th International Conference on Computers in Education (ICCE2005) and we were invited to share about our HPINIT2 journey.
I have created our presentation using CMAPTools (by IHMC) and the windows version of CMAP can be downloaded here. Download the presentation files here. I have updated the zipped CMAP package with web resources where possible to reduce download size/time. A single non-manipulatable jpeg version of the cmap is also available.
I must take this opportunity to thank Adrian Miles from Australia for spending time to repackage the video prototype 3, otherwise the sharing wouldnt have been possible. You can read more about his development ideas in the hypertext version of his Blogtalk Downunder paper entited “Media Rich versus Rich Media (or why video in a blog is not the same as a video blog)” here.
The “Weblogs in Education” video which I mentioned, featuring Will Richardson and his school & students can be downloaded from the local mirror for your viewing pleasure. There’s another video by Teachers’ TV in UK thay may also interest you.
The few user guides (HOWTOs) that may help you to start off blogging are listed here:
2. MSN Spaces HOWTO
3. Windows XP CL Input method editor (IME) setup guide
Hope you have found our sharing useful. Thanks for being with us this afternoon, cheers and have another 2 enjoyable days ahead!

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