10th Edublog Workshop @Qifa Primary Sch

It’s break time now, we (abt 31 of us) are all blogging away (on blogger) for the past hour 🙂
After this break, we’ll be looking at Bloglines.com, an indispensible tool for teachers 😛
Time to go for my break too! *hmm* if only i have brought my sd reader …

15 Replies to “10th Edublog Workshop @Qifa Primary Sch”

  1. Very useful workshop! Thanks! But with blogging on the way, I think my eyesight will deteriote… just to check kids’ entries will take a long time, though with the bloglines in place… so there goes my eyesight… but good workshop, really…

  2. I could not hear you very clearly. Also you went a little too fast for me. But I am if I read your notes carefully, I should be able to manage. hanks for introducing me to the world og blogs!

  3. hi… i feel that this workshop definitely taughtme something new and interesting.. I”ve created a BLOG on my own! that’s quite fun…
    but.. i seemed to have lost you during the second part of the workshop.. since the HTML part..
    how do i create links and so on… further more what’s the difference between creating a blog at blog spot and at blog lines? i’m clueless.. anyway will be e-mailing you for help and details.
    thank you very much for the workshop!

  4. My blog is http://mrsbala.blogspot.com/
    I’m really enjoying myself,since this is something new to me. I know my students and my own children are using this but I was quite unsure of how to go about it. Now I know, thanks to you.
    Your explanations are clear. I also prefer doing the hands on, since I am sure I learn more and better this way.
    Thank you for a great session.

  5. The blog that I have created is something that I’m proud of. I would like to further explore into this new stuff that I came to know. It is certainly something useful and practical to be used for teaching and learning purposes.

  6. I could not hear you very clearly. Also you went a little too fast for me. But I am if I read your notes carefully, I should be able to manage. Thanks for introducing me to the world of blogs!

  7. My blog url is http://www.link2lyn.blogspot.com
    Hi there… the workshop has certainly offered and opened another avenue for my teaching and i believe it will be very useful for my English lessons and for any projects the children does. Thank you.
    Well i must say the blogger is a pretty friendly system to use, just as your lesson was. Your experience with this system certainly shows in your interaction with answering our questions.
    I’m particularly glad with your recommendation of using blogline as a monitoring system. That will help us indeed.

  8. hi,
    thanx for sharing with us your knowledge and notes. it was the first time that i’ve created
    a blog page. found it interesting and. 🙂

  9. The workshop was very interesting as it was interactive. Also the trainer went into some useful blogger and bloggerlines websites. It would be good if the second part of the lecture involving bloggerlines be interactive. As it involved authentication by the otherside this was not possible. Overall, I enjoyed the workshop.

  10. Hi all. Bloglines.com is definitely a good tool for monitoring your students’ entries.
    If you will be monitoring your students’ blog entries using the same PC/laptop which is based on a Windows OS, then you might also want to consider using ‘Sharpreader’, a software which is freely available from http://www.sharpreader.com.
    I feel its main advantages are:
    1) Once installed locally, you do not have to sign in to read the subscriptions. -> One less set of username and password to remember/forget.
    2) Loading and refresh rate is definitely faster as compared to Bloglines.com.
    3) Easier to configure.
    Of course if you are planning to read your students’ work from any PCs/laptops, then ‘Sharpreader’ will definitely not be very useful for you.

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